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If you are experiencing sharp pains or discomfort near your teeth, especially following an injury to the facial area, you might need a tooth extraction. Now is the best time to contact Dr. Jeffrey M. Ellis at either the Riverhead or Medford, NY office and schedule your FREE consultation.

  • Infection

  • Trauma

  • Deep dental decay

  • Periodontal disease

  • Broken or cracked teeth

Reasons For Extractions

Wisdom teeth are not always a problem. Some grow and fit right in with the rest of your teeth. For most people, there is not enough room. That can cause a shifting of nearby teeth. Learn more about your options with Dr. Jeffrey M. Ellis, a certified nutritionist and sports trainer.

What About Wisdom Teeth?

Tooth extractions don't just remove damaged or decayed teeth. They also protect your future dental health and prevent infections. Healthy teeth are needed for healthy eating. That's important!

Extractions Potect Your Future

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